Graduate Positions

    Corporate Information Systems (CIS) would like to thank you for your interest in our Post-Graduate program. You will no doubt have some very important decisions to make in the coming year and determining which organisation is right for you to launch your career is paramount to ensuring long term success. CIS have developed a fully comprehensive Post-Graduate Program designed to offer you a unique opportunity to gain valuable, life-long skills to hold you in good stead for your career ahead. This program has been designed in close partnership with our clients to provide you with the opportunity to not only embed and enhance the skills you have learnt throughout your studies, but to also gain invaluable exposure to corporate culture and environments. We realise the challenges you face as a graduate and understand that you have so much to offer… if only someone would give you that chance. CIS break the mould and have tailored a program which not only offers maximised benefit to our corporate clients who are sponsoring the program, but also ensures that you are placed in an environment which will allow you as an individual to truly shine! We look forward to the journey ahead.

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