The CIS Story


Where it all started, and how we’ve evolved to provide the specialist services we offer today.


“The Director: Company Values Mission Statement”

    When my family arrived in Australia, the world I knew was gone and I found myself in extremely unfamiliar surroundings. It all appeared too big, too fast, too confusing and all dreams unreachable. I was fortunate enough to be recognised for my forte in mathematics by a teacher who made a difference, and took the time to assist me to realise my future ambitions. I am convinced that when we are the vehicle for pointing the way, we are saying ‘I believe in you, you can do it’. The faith we show in that person empowers them, and can act as the catalyst to assist them in the transformation and realisation they want in themselves. This is what I want CIS to be.

“The Company and the people behind IT”

    Established in 1995, CIS started as most other IT resellers of the time - providing computer hardware, networking products and services. With the increasing demand for professional services, the commoditising of low-end hardware, and the inevitable market shift to price sensitive Tier 1 high-end solutions; CIS made a conscious decision to move away from product sales and support to focus solely on providing specialist support and professional services. Services that are intimately aligned with the ever increasing demands being placed on the IT departments we partner with, by the company they support. This suited the CIS philosophy: A client should be a partner, one you have for the long term. This philosophy has ensured CIS’ ability to consistently deliver above and beyond the expectations of our clients. IT is an increasingly complex and demanding environment, where no single team or individual can possibly know all that is changing, much less have any influence on it. This is where a strong partnership is better able to manage the change, implying that the responsibility is shared and that regular communication occurs. Providing both partners are committed, we create a flexible, dynamic, proactive and where needed, a reactive entity with the ability to manage and deliver.

“CIS provides Quality Managed IT Services to medium and large organisations by understanding and partnering with the IT department”.

    Based on the values of the company director, CIS has established a strong foundation based on providing a supportive and encouraging environment where employees have the resources to learn, excel and perform to the best of their abilities. CIS staff are recognised for the vital role they play in developing meaningful client partnerships and are supported by a dedicated HR department committed to assisting them achieve career aspirations. This process ensures that staff receive specialist mentoring, skills training, and guidance to align all engagements with individual career goals. Our commitment ensures CIS clients are presented with the best specialist IT professionals ready to add value.

“We don’t get paid for the hour; we get paid for the value we bring to the hour.”

    Jim Rohn – Business Philosopher